Τερεΐνη, Tereine; from Greek τερέω – “to pierce”

Tereine is a Thracian Naiad who was daughter of Strymon and mother of Thrassa (Detschew 19762: 496, cf. 210-211) from Ares (Ant. Lib. Metam. 21): Πολυφόντε (Ἱστορεῖ Βοῖος ὀρνιϑογονίας β´) Τερείνης τῆς Στρυμόνος Ἄρεως ἐγένετο Θρᾷσσα… (Detschew 19762: 496). Her name appeared in the narrative of Antoninus Liberalis (2nd century) in his Metamorphoses in connection with the macabre story about Polyphonte, daughter of Thrassa and the Thracian king Hipponous, son of Triballos, and her metamorphosis into a strix, a bird of ill omen (Cherubini 2009: 77-97).

The studies note the homonymy of Tereine and Tereus (Larson 2001: 314, n. 178). A similarity can also be detected in the bird metamorphosis of Tereus (Лозанова 2003), of Tereine’s daughter Polyphonte, and of her sons, united by the anthropophagy (cannibalism) motif. 


Vanya Lozanova


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